March 26, 2012

Some news.

So, news from the wots camp: We recently came to the mutual decision to part ways with our bass player, Kostas, to whom we wish the best in his musical endeavors. It is therefore time to officially announce the new member to our family, mister Jay on the bass. Lots of new music is in the works.

As said before, we're taking some time off live shows, because we're in the process of writing our debut EP. The recordings are officially scheduled for May and they will be taking place at Unreal Studios. We're all super psyched we finally get the chance to come out with a proper release.

Finally, we are pleased to announce we were chosen by the awesome Bulgarian math rock act Mental Architects as their support band for their first ever Athens gig. This is all happening on the 1st of June, at Six D.O.G.S. More info on that soon. In the meantime, check these guys out by clicking right here

We'll try to keep everyone posted with studio updates and such. We cannot wait to get this record started. Also looking forward to the live dates. Huge thanks goes out to anyone who has supported us in any way. You guys rule. Take care.

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